Vinyl Plank Floor Installation On Concrete

You just lay it over top. This additional layer can improve insulation and should make your vinyl plank flooring warmer and less resonant.

How To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring On Concrete Base

Measure the gap from one end of the first plank to the other add 1 4 inch draw a line on the plank and cut along the line with a knife.

Vinyl plank floor installation on concrete. So technically if you are installing vinyl plank flooring onto concrete you already have a subfloor. No wonder an underlayment not just any type one that is waterproof is highly needed in a concrete subfloor. You leave enough of a gap around the edge that it can expand contract flex whatever but that it s hidden by baseboard.

Install the plank using a laminate pull bar to draw it against the one next to it. Use the same technique to install all the planks in the last row. However some people prefer to add another thin layer of subflooring between the concrete and vinyl.

After laying the underlay or vapour barrier or whatever you choose to use it s time to get flooring. In concrete subfloors moisture usually sips from the ground to the concrete and when this gets to the top flooring it spells disaster. Then use a level to find any spots where the ground is uneven and apply concrete self leveling compound to even it out.

To install vinyl plank flooring on concrete you ll first need to clean the concrete with soap and water and fill in any cracks with concrete filler. You begin to see cracks and molds and the vinyl plank starts pulling off or breaking out. Vinyl plank is a floating floor which means you don t ever actually attach it to the underlay.

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