Solid Hardwood Vs Laminate

It is even common for real estate agents to highlight hardwood floors. If the area is also subject to high foot traffic and excessive wear then laminate is a better option over engineered wood.

Laminate Vs Hardwood Flooring Pros Cons Comparisons And Costs

There also is no way to buff out damage or refinish laminate flooring.

Solid hardwood vs laminate. Hardwood flooring comprises of 3 4 inch thick boards of pure solid wood cut from a tree. As far as longevity solid hardwood takes the cake with 100 years of life with proper care. If surface damage is extensive the entire floor can be sanded and refinished.

Engineered hardwood is made of layers of plywood that have been glued together then topped with a sheet of real wood. Laminate flooring also has come advantage when it comes to heat resistance. Hardwood flooring comes in two different types solid and engineered.

Solid wood floors looks very similar but they are real wood from top to bottom. With laminate flooring the main disadvantage is that laminate flooring does not improve the resale value of your home as much as hardwood floors. The planks usually milled with a smooth top surface have tongue and groove edges that interlock to hold them together during installation.

Both are beautiful durable and come in a variety of species and finishes. Laminate flooring vs hardwood. If you are looking to put your flooring in an area that can be exposed to slight moisture then laminate and engineered hardwood are better options than traditional solid wood.

Whether solid or engineered hardwood flooring is significantly easier to repair than laminate. In this guide we present a prime time cage match of two competing materials. The benefits of laminate flooring really do outweigh the negatives.

If damage is localized then it can be repaired by removing and replacing individual planks or even by manually sanding staining and refinishing the area in question depending on type of finish. Hardwood flooring versus laminate flooring. Engineered hardwood is more versatile than solid wood and can be installed just about anywhere that laminate can.

It evokes a warm natural feeling that many consider a luxury. Because hardwood floors can last for generations they raise your home s value more than laminate floors. Hardwood has been around for hundreds of years.

Neither laminate nor solid hardwood flooring is ideal flooring materials for truly wet locations but laminate is somewhat better for humid locations such as installation against concrete slabs.

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