Prefinished Hardwood Floors Cleaning

This product is 98 percent naturally derived which put our minds at ease when using it around kids and furry friends. You can also use a spray and mop product or disposable wet pads that are safe for hardwood floors.

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The wood manufacturer will always recommend the best cleaner for a prefinished hardwood floors which is gentle on finish and effective in dealing with dirt.

Prefinished hardwood floors cleaning. Speak to your floor manufacturer about the best options for your floor. Murphy s oil soap squirt and mop wood floor cleaner. When it comes to knowing how to clean prefinished hardwood flooring it s important to note you should only use cleaners that are recommended by the manufacturer of your flooring.

This is especially true for prefinished hardwood floors. Steam can dull the. Try using solutions with vinegar for a streak free natural approach to cleaning sealed hardwood floors.

Clean floors with cleaner recommended by manufacturer. You should know that there is some controversy about whether or not vinegar is safe for your hardwood floors. Never use soap or detergents to clean your prefinished hardwood floor.

Instead invest in a recommended cleaner to avoid any damage. Avoid using harsh detergents or they ll dull the surface. A cleaner that works well on one surface may cause damage to another.

Avoid using products with ammonia and oil soaps on prefinished hardwood. They are the experts when it comes to what is best for your flooring. Hours or even days may be required for finishes to dry between coats.

Buy a prefinished hardwood flooring kit containing a mop a washable mop pad and a floor cleaner for easy cleaning. Keep your hardwood floors looking good through regular maintenance. Sanding is a messy procedure that fills the room with wood dust which then has to be thoroughly cleaned.

Unless you use a steam mop designed for cleaning hardwoods steam cleaning is not advised for hardwood floors. Water and grit can have disastrous. After use our floors looked exceptionally shiny and well conditioned.

We also recommend murphy s oil soap s easy to use squirt and mop formula. But a prefinished hardwood floor installation does have one advantage since there is no need for the sanding staining and varnishing process needed for unfinished hardwood. Your prefinished engineered flooring doesn t require much maintenance when it s new and keeping it clean should be only a matter of an occasional vacuuming.

Precautions to be taken never wet mop your hardwood floor as water is a strict no no for it. Deep cleaning once in a while or on monthly basis helps in disinfecting the wood floor surface by killing household germs and bacterial. Prefinished hardwood flooring varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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