Prefinished Floors Vs Unfinished

Unfinished flooring is raw hardwood that must first be installed and then sanded and refinished on site. Prefinished floors come at a lower cost.

Pre Finished Vs Site Finished Hardwood Which Is Better

Cons of unfinished hardwood.

Prefinished floors vs unfinished. Which is the better hardwood flooring option for you. It is the unusual hardwoods that tend to be quite expensive. If hardwood flooring is prefinished it means each board has be coated with polyurethane before it has even hit the shelf.

Similarly to unfinished hardwood flooring there are some notable pros and cons related to this type of flooring. These prices make prefinished hardwood roughly 30 percent to 50 percent more expensive than unfinished hardwood though remember that you will save the time and expense of sanding staining and finishing the planks. But once you factor in.

The boards are then oven baked with aluminum oxide to create an extremely hard acrylic finish. Prefinished flooring often costs more than unfinished flooring about 2 per square foot more for the same wood species but you generally save that by not having to sand and finish the floor during installation. The time you need to wait to walk on the floors move your furniture back and place area rugs is longer than that of a pre finished floor 24 hours for socks 48 hours for shoes 4 days for furniture 2 weeks for pets and 30 days for area rugs.

You will often hear unfinished referred to as job site finish. A pre finished floor or an unfinished finished on site hardwood floor. Choosing between pre finished or unfinished wood flooring is about choosing the best option for you.

Also finishing the flooring on site allows for more control with what the floor will look like. Prefinished flooring is factory finished and thus each board has been finished individually with sprayed on coats of polyurethane. Prefinished solid wood floors initially cost more than unfinished wood flooring about 2 per square foot for a good grade of red oak.

Prefinished means the wood planks are stained and finished at the factory while unfinished means the planks are stained and finished at the job site. I asked an online hardwood flooring community group on linkedin which was a better floor unfinished or pre finished and it resulted in a tremendous amount of passionate responses. Although some may think prefinished flooring is only suitable for renovations or rehabs they are also appropriate for entire home remodels and new constructions since they are so much more convenient and quicker to install.

Engineered wood floors are most often prefinished and rarely available as unfinished planks. Unfinished hardwood flooring is initially cheaper than prefinished hardwood flooring when you compare just the cost of the flooring itself. The pros of prefinished flooring.

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