Ctm Ceramic Tiles Special

Ctm Ceramic Tiles Special. Procurment of all iranian ceramic tile brands. Kes 2,840 / m² kes 2,989 / m².

CTM All Floor Tiles
CTM All Floor Tiles from www.ctm.co.za

Select 4x30 5x20 5x30 5x60 6x20 6x30 6x60 7x20 7x30 7x60 8x30 9.8x30 9.8x60 10x30 11x45 15x60 15x80 15x90 20x20 20x23 20x30 20x60 20x100 30x30 30x60 40x40 45x45. Tzs41,099.44 / m² tzs42,500 / m². Ctm is the newest retail store offering affordable ceramic tiles, sanitary wares,.

CTM All Floor Tiles

Special price tzs41,044.37 / m2 was tzs42,900 / m2. Shop the ctm december sale online and get great deals on a range of discount tiles, taps, mosaics, baths, showers & more. Get big savings and more style from ctm. Price is per single tile.