How To Wax A New Vct Floor

How To Wax A New Vct Floor. Also, how to strip a vct floor to bring back the shine. This allows you to work comfortably and not overstretch.

How To Wax A New Vct Floor
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Make sure the right equipment is being used. Set a bucket of water next to a tray filled with the vct wax. Dip your mop often into the wax so that it remains saturated during application.

Removing The Factory Sealwhen You First Install Vct Flooring, You’ll Need To Strip It.

These can break down the material and cause cracks in the flooring. Did you know that vinyl plank floors can lose their sparkle if not properly taken care of over time? For booking in the metro atlan.

Immerse A New Sponge Mop In The Wax So That Your Mop Is Damp, Not Dripping.

Videos you watch may be added to the tv's watch history. Next, you need to clean the stripper from the floor. Failure to do this will result in a poor bond between the wax and the floor.

Portions Include Gathering Equipment, Dust Mopping, Baseboard Stripping, Mixing Floor Finish.

We work with residents and business owners throughout buffalo, ny and now rochester, ny. Next, line a mop bucket with a trash bag, then fill it with floor wax. Many floor wax brands are available to give the vct floors a new look.

Apply A Circle Of Floor Wax Onto A Small Section Of The Vinyl Tile Floor.

Then, apply the wax to your floor in small sections. Set a bucket of water next to a tray filled with the vct wax. Now, use stripping pads to wipe off the extra liquid on the floor and wipe it smooth.

Dip A Clean Mop Into The Wax.

When to strip vct flooring. Mop six to nine feet of flooring at a time, overlapping each area slightly with the mop to ensure good coverage. Professional custodian narrates as he strips and waxes a floor.

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